3 Simple Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business To Gain Maximum Returns

It’s an interesting thought, isn’t it, that when plumbers or electrician or even coaches finish their training and set up in business, they are not taught how to get clients.

Oooops! One of the vital components is most often times missing – how can that be?

Chefs are not taught how to fill their restaurants; florists are not taught how to find customers.

Watching businesses fail through lack of customers or clients is soul destroying when for a little help and advice they could be as successful as they want to be.

With the advent of the Internet, it has become even easier to attract the people you want to your business, especially if you learn a few simple steps.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple is the number one rule when you are starting out. This applies to websites, print advertising, Facebook, Twitter or any other form of promotion that you care to think about.

Don’t overwhelm people with everything you do all at once. Giving them too much choice instantly will lead to paralysis – leaving them unable to make any sort of choice and if they are looking at your website, they will click away to the next website because they cannot see what they are searching for.

People Are Not Searching For You

Your potential customers are not searching for you; they are searching for your services. In essence they are looking for information – the information that will tell them you know what you are talking about and that you can deliver on your promises.

They are searching for information to help them overcome a problem they have in their life right now and one way to help them solve their issue is through articles.

Articles are a great way to be able to provide information, especially if they are based on the keywords people are actually using in the search engines to find your type of business.

small business marketingFor instance, giving away a bit of free information on say, how to fix a dripping tap, could well bring people to your website to help them with their problem, but upon seeing how time consuming it is to fix themselves, would be prepared to let you help them.
Or they are so grateful that they were able to solve their problem with the dripping tap, but they are also looking to buy a new bathroom suite and your fabulous website points them in the right direction, helps them chose the suite and have it installed by you.

Google Places, Google Maps

Use all the free tools that search engines such as Google provide to put your business on the map … quite literally with Google Maps!

By finding out what keywords your potential customers are using when they are looking for what you offer and using the very same keywords when you write any copy, emails, advertisements, Google Places and Google Maps listings, you will find that you are attracting better visitors to your website.

Ensuring that your website also uses those same keywords with a clear call to action … Contact Me Now … you will get a far better response.

If you would like more tips, like the ones above, to help your small business marketing, please contact me now. I will be delighted to review your current website and social media platforms and to helping you create that lead generating machine for your local business.

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